Louis needs mom

No sooner had Louis begun to recover from his broken leg, than he indulged himself in the pleasure of messing with his mother's mind. It was four months since the bitterest fight between his birth parents – Mr. Carpenter and now Mrs. Beau - happened, after which the husband, bristling with rage, carried his baby... Continue Reading →

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My grandpa was a simple farmer and my 3rd grandma was a gorgeous Saigonese lady in the 1970s when they got married. Their story was so fabulous that it sometimes made a flutter in my heart. Before that, she had already wed a handsome gentleman in Saigon. One day her best friend came and stayed... Continue Reading →

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Serious (a poem)

The world looks serious. The librarian this morning was serious. Messages in my phones are serious. The meeting next Thursday will be serious...


I feel uncomfortable, very uncomfortable, really uncomfortable! What the hell am I writing? One day I met a respectable old friend and he said: "Little daughter, it's true that you should live as you feel right. But you have to show them that you are ambitious, show them that you have potential." I know that... Continue Reading →

Late Day Thoughts

Sunday afternoon Oh, dear. The weekend was ending! I was sitting on the hammock, witnessing the sun going down. Sometimes, a few birds settled on electric waves and sang so beautifully. Then they flew away… leaving me with a regretful look. In about 2 hours, I observed the clouds turning from white to gray, light... Continue Reading →

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