My grandpa was a simple farmer and my 3rd grandma was a gorgeous Saigonese lady in the 1970s when they got married. Their story was so fabulous that it sometimes made a flutter in my heart. Before that, she had already wed a handsome gentleman in Saigon. One day her best friend came and stayed... Continue Reading →

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The Servant

I opened the door, it was a dark small room. A glimpse of a woman caught my eyes. A soft yellow light shed on her cold indifferent face. “Enough. Now say something. I’m here.”, said I. “I’m sorry.”, replied her. She may have got involved in some dramas again or she may plead with me... Continue Reading →

Just psychopathic sometimes

True story. Just a few hours ago, 15th August… It was late afternoon, high school students were driving home. I was cooling my heels in front of the school gate, a bit bored. As I look around, there was a guy sitting nearby. I calmly approached and greeted him with a smile. “Hey. Which grade... Continue Reading →

First Death

Nearly midnight…She, a 16-year-old, short black hair, long black dress, her sleepy eyes fixed on strangers’ Facebook status, completely losing track of time. The whole village had almost fallen into deep sleep. So quiet, only some dogs barking in the distance. She closed the laptop and entered her bedroom. In darkness, the girl tiredly laid... Continue Reading →

Once upon a time…

Six years ago, grade 5th 😊 Primary school days for me and peers meant joyful days jumping rope, hopscotch, kicking a shuttle cock, and running after each other in the endless paddy fields… Village contests such as Story-telling, traffic safety acknowledgment, and drawing were also pretty memory pieces. There were days I went to my teachers’... Continue Reading →

A Unique Beauty…

When was the last time you rush into a group of people in order not to be seen as a fish out of water? Remember how hard you tried to adjust your appearance or behavior so that you could “fit in” with the crowd? Well, there’s nothing to be panic or guilty about here. Such... Continue Reading →

Dark sides of the Mind

The mind is so mysterious and complicated that I’ve long thought about it as the most attractive thing in the world…until recently, it’s gradually become something I want to get rid of at all costs. Very often, some noticeable things in my day-to-day life can easily lead to a long period of introspection. As I... Continue Reading →

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